24 February 2015

IGEC : Illustrators

There are so many talented illustrators and artists on Instagram, it was a near impossible task for me to pick just three. This will be a theme that I'll revisit, for sure. 

I've followed Chantal Vincent (@chantal__) on the internets in some form or other for many years now and I've had the privilege of watching from the sidelines as she's discovered the joys of sketching. Her landscape and building sketches are always wonderful - she has a great eye for detail and colour - and her portraits really capture the personality behind each face. Recently she even sketched one of my Instagram photos, very cool!
Next is a slightly newer illustration crush for me, but man have I fallen hard. One look at Jo Chambers (@chambersjo) work and you'll see why. Her gorgeous florals are so vibrant and bright. The colours! Swoon! They remind me of the best kinds of vintage fabric. And then there's the wonderful hounds! And the hounds surrounded by flowers! I am smitten I tell ya!
Helena Leslie's (@hellohelenaleslie) work is deceptively simple. I adore her single colour girls, with their round cheeks and slightly sad eyes and every lovely line. And her paintings with their lush backgrounds are gorgeous too. For some time now I've been toying with the idea of getting her to draw me, but I'm uncomfortable with the thought of being the subject, the centre of attention. Must get over that.

Instagram is chockfull of the some of the most inspiring, creative, hilarious, clever people I've ever had the pleasure of encountering on the internets. IGEC is my chance to share some of those inspiring, creative, hilarious, clever people with you! Oh and you can find me on Instagram here. 

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