16 February 2015

14 Things in the Year Of The Horse : A Final Update

Remember 12 months or so ago when I wrote a list of things I wanted to do in the Year of the Horse? And then remember a few months ago I gave you a slightly depressing update on those goals? Well, the lunar new year is nearly upon us so it's time for a final update. And yes,  that does mean it's also nearly time for a new list of things to do which I probably won't do but I'll write the list anyway. Stay tuned, it's gripping stuff.

1. Read more. Specifically, read at least twelve books in twelve months. C+. I've read nine books. Close but not quite. But I'm feeling positive about continuing with a reading goal, and about achieving it.

I'm generally a systems orientated, list writing, organiser type. I've finally realised this is the approach I need to apply to reading too. So I've been making sure I have dedicated reading time every day. I also have two books on the go - one by my bed and one in my handbag / backpack, so lately instead of reaching for my phone whenever I'm caught in life's dull moments, I reach for my book.

2. Blog more. Specifically, blog at least six times per month. C-. Things were looking grim, but I said I'd finish strongly and I did. Hit this goal for the last three months. Yay me!

3. Make Typography Tuesday a monthly thing. F. Five out of twelve. Not even half way there...

4. Do something with my 500px account. D-. Well, I did something with it. I've uploaded some shots, and even added some to the marketplace. And then kind of sort of ignored the whole thing.

5. Assist on at least two photography shoots. F. Nope.

6. Enter more photography competitions. D+. Again, things were looking grim. But I just submitted three photos to Head On (in the mobile category) so yay me!

7. Make a little book or zine. And sell it. F. Nope.

8. Develop some Instagram projects. B. As you may know, I freaking adore Instagram. I've got a few projects on the go - #morningwalkswithferdiandelfi and #jorpins365 are the two big ones right now. I've also re-embraced the square, and I'm loving it!

9. Send more snail mail. F. Nope.

10. Send cards to family and friends for every, single birthday. D-. Completely fell apart at the end there. I'll get back on the horse though. Next month. 

11. Corral my clutter. C+. After concerted efforts early in the game it started to slide a little with the madness of the festive season, but I feel like I'm back on track. My office / study / attic hidey-hole is looking vaguely organised (just one more set of IKEA drawers to assemble...) and I'm sticking to my one in / one out policy on clothing and shoes. I've stopped buying CDs and DVDs, which are just unnecessary when everything is online, and I only buy magazines if they're really, really beautiful. Yep, I'll never be a minimalist but I don't feel owned by my clutter anymore.

12. See more movies at the cinema. Specifically, see at least eight movies on the big screen. D-. Nope, not even close. Although we have been watching a lot more movies at home, which has been most enjoyable.

13. Proofread more. B+. Yep.

14. Eat better. And yes, there will be blog posts! B (for eating better), (for blogging about it). Although truthfully it should really be a C- for eating better - the husband and step-sons have been around a lot over the past few months, which means way more red meat and deep fried deliciousness in my diet. But I still start the day with fruit and yogurt and nuts, and have a salad almost everyday, so I guess I'm still doing okay!

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