18 November 2014

Typography Tuesday : David Walsh on Death

And right here we have Exhibit A on why I'll never win Pinterest, why I'll never make a motivational poster, why I sometimes struggle with Typography Tuesday. Because sometimes the things I find deeply moving, deeply life affirming, kind of might seem like they stem from a slightly dark place. But to me they don't. To me they capture the complexity of life, the confusion and chaos and unfairness, and still say F**K YEAH life is GREAT!

This is a quote from David Walsh - the guy who made a stack of money from gambling and decided to spend it on something amazing. It's thanks to him that we have the beautiful, joyous thing that is MONA. This quote is from the tail end of an interview with Phillip Adams that aired on Radio National last week. 

David was musing on death, and the privilege of being alive. He talked about the ridiculous odds, the "incredibly fortuitous process", that played out to get to the end point of him being alive, now. He went on to say "And that's the great privilege of facing death, it's the privilege of having had the opportunity to contemplate it in the first place. I'll take that any day. I'll take it for as many days as I can take it." 

If you like listening to intriguing, honest, funny people discussing love, death and gambling then you should really listen to the whole thing here.

That lovely clean font is Futura, and the chunky hand drawn one is Monstro.


  1. Great post! I'm considering buying my husband the David Walsh autobiography for Christmas (even though I have already got his Christmas present).
    I love that David Walsh quote about death, despite being someone who doesn't really 'do' inspirational quotes. I might have to write it down somewhere.
    On another unrelated note, I contacted you a few times through this blog with questions about mini dachshunds (I think I made comments under my nickname Stella) - well the husband has come around and we're going to look at a litter of 6 week old smooth mini dachshund pups tonight!! I was intending taking a few photos and posting them on my instagram account if you're interested in seeing doxie pups!

    1. Thanks for you comment, I'm so glad you like the quote too!

      And hurrah for dachshunds! That is SUCH exciting news - so glad I've found you on Instagram so I can follow along with your new pup :)


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