08 November 2014

The Search For The Perfect Spring Frock

Whilst I love a good dress all year round, I become especially obsessed with frocks when there's a sweet scent in the air and the chill of night dissipates. Come Spring I dream not of t-shirt dresses or shifts or shirt dresses, but of proper full skirted, fit and flare frocks. Preferably with pretty patterns and cute detailing.

Here's a few I'm liking right now:

It's so hard to pick a favourite! I am completely and utterly smitten with the ASOS midi dress, but being on the short side I couldn't pull it off. Sob. Boden is a new discovery for me and I'm liking all of their dresses. This colourful confetti print in particular caught my eye. The print on the Maiocchi dress is just wonderful; plus I bought a dress from them last year and it is the most flattering cut of any dress I've ever owned, so this one is very high on my 'must try' list. The ModCloth frock is simple and elegant and classic. Lovely. And I have a longstanding love affair with all things Made590. I actually have the Joanie dress in a different (super limited edition) fabric and I love it. I'm finding the gorgeous green and pink hues of this version hard to resist. 

Which would you pick? 


ps. I have a confession to make, because I know exactly what's going to happen next. I know that I will go out and buy several gorgeous Spring frocks. I will be unable to resist their ladylike prettiness. And then I will spend the entire season wearing one of my fourteen denim shirt dresses from Muji. 

ps. Also - side note to all dress designers - can you please, please stop cutting bits out of perfectly gorgeous frocks (like this one)? Not all of us want to share our back / mid riff / love handles with the world...


  1. I bought a Kindle this year and it was the greatest thing I've ever done. I've been doing a cool thing where I work for 53 minutes (based on a Japanese study) and then I get 18 minutes off to do whatever I want but it has to be non-work related. It's been working brilliantly - I get to read for 18 minutes several times a day and it's totally increased my productivity!

    1. That is a genius idea! 18 minutes would certainly add up...(however the danger for me would be that I get too engrossed in a book and not go back to work!).

      ps. I think this comment actually refers to this post - http://jorpins.blogspot.it/2014/11/14-things-in-year-of-horse-update.html - not sure how it ended up here!!!


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