03 June 2014

The Galápagos Islands : My Favourite Shots

An alternative title for this post might have been 'Twenty-Seven Photos of Sea Lions' but I've tried to show a bit of restraint and mix things up a bit...

Given my normal penchant for fixed lenses, using a zoom was kind of a new experience for me. (FYI I'll write more about the camera kit I took with me in the next Galápagos post.). However, I did come out of the trip with quite a few favourite shots, so it must have been a good new experience.

Bring on the sea lions...

Alternative title for this post number two might have been 'Eighteen Photos of Blue Footed Boobies'. I really love these guys. There is something faintly ridiculous about them and their glorious blue feet, and yet they carry themselves in such a regal, self-assured manner. They remind me a bit of Ferdi in that way (not that Ferdi has blue feet, clearly, but the rest of it...). They really are wonderful creatures.

And then we have the marine iguanas, and pelicans, and crabs...
If you want to read more about our amazing adventures in The Galápagos Islands head on over here.


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