11 June 2014

IGEC : Dogs

One of the big reasons you don't see me round here quite so much as I'd like is because of the visual wonderland that is Instagram. I've spurned Twitter, turned my back on Facebook (sort of...), and neglected my blog for the love of this not so little part of the social media world.

Contrary to some popular opinion it is not all about selfies and feet and lunch shots (although they all can be amazingly good in the right hands). Instagram is actually chockfull of the some of the most inspiring, creative, hilarious, clever people I've ever had the pleasure of encountering on the internets. So - this new series is my chance to share some of those inspiring, creative, hilarious, clever people with you. And I'm kicking it off with one of my favourite topics - dogs!

First up, possibly my favourite Instagram account in the whole wide world - @harlowandsage. Harlow is a ridiculously handsome weimaraner and Indiana is his adorable dachshund sidekick (Sage was an equally adorable dachshund, who lived to a ripe old age and sadly passed away). These guys are freaking adorable together, and their owner has a really great sense of humour (plus a slightly strange obsession with Meryl Streep). Whenever I'm having a bad day - and there's been a few of them of late - I always turn to these guys to cheer me up.
Another canine favourite is @ma_hovina. Lal is a rather good looking hound, and is also clearly well behaved and very patient. The dog ends up in all kinds of amusing and beautiful compositions. See more of the best here.
Fugee is a rescued bordie collie cross who has the most wonderfully humorous and expressive doggy face. The posts from @thefugee are always beautifully framed and edited. Great dog, great shots...
Over to you - do you have any favourite doggy friends on Instagram?

With thanks to Brandi Hussey for the photo template. I can't recall exactly how I got my hands on it (so I can't link directly to it, sorry!), but I did and it's awesome! Oh, and you can find me on Instagram here if you're so inclined...


  1. oh yes I broke up with twitter for an enduring affair with Insta too.
    it suits us visual people so much more.
    I know you will also love one of my fave insta accounts- @philpush .
    I love her because of her Basset Hounds but she also has Dachshunds. SHe is an Englishwoman, living in rural France with her many hounds, breeding rare breed pigs.

  2. yeah, I've done the same, never using facebook anymore (except for staying in in touch with family and friends on the other half of this continent)

    My favorite dog accounts are @thiswildidea with Maddie on things, a bit similar to @ma_hovina that you suggested.@evys_mom is also a great account!


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