11 April 2013

New listings + Discount (yay!) + North Korea (boo!)

I've finally found some time to list a few new goodies in the Jorpins Handmade shop - pom pom gift tags (these are so happy and bright) and the lovely sakura mini cards (featuring Japanese fabric sakura against a textured paper background). 

And in celebration of the new additions (and in a nod to current world events) I'm offering a 15% discount on the entire shop - just use the code  SEAOFFIRE at checkout. If shipping is disrupted by resumption of the Korean War I'll let you know. 

But seriously...I am a bit over all the hyped-up reporting on Korea right now. Everyday I see headlines shouting about Korea being on the 'brink of nuclear war', when often the article that follows is actually quite a measured, balanced assessment. It's unsettling for me, and it's especially unsettling for my family back in Australia. 

Seoul is very calm right now (apparently so is Pyongyang). But yes, people are concerned. They may have been through this all before but this time there's a few differences which are a little unnerving. But - people are going about their daily lives, and the vast majority of South Koreans don't believe a war is likely

I think Andrei Lankov nailed it in this op-ed when he says 'the farther one is from the Korean Peninsula, the more one will find people worried about the recent developments here'. That's not to say there isn't a risk that it's all going to go pear shaped, and that I'm perfectly relaxed about the whole thing. I'm not, but I still believe that an attack by North Korea is incredibly unlikely (all of their war rhetoric thus far is prefaced by 'if you attack us...then we will turn Seoul into a sea of fire etc'). And  anyway, this article reassuringly suggests that if they do attack statistically there'll only be about 200 non-Chinese foreigner casualties. (No mention of dachshund casualties though.) 

I could go on and on - I've been reading a LOT of news and opinion lately - but I won't bore you anymore than I already have. Right now we're all waiting for North Korea's 'imminent' missile test. I'm not sure what that's going to bring, but for now things are good. Well, aside from the Spring sleet/snow, that totally sucks!

So...back to the Etsy pretties!


  1. How good that you can find the space to create beauty and joy amongst all the hysteria love the cards

  2. Those little pom-pom gift tags are lovely.
    Bigger, they'd make a perfect Christmas wreath.
    Just the ticket for any celebration really, people could personalise them by writing a message in the middle, just as they would on a gift tag, but in a grander scale.
    Stay safe.

    p.s sorry for not getting my act together as far as collecting colours goes.

  3. It must be so hard not to get overwhelmed by all of the news about North Korea. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's all just talk with no action.

    I LOVE YOUR POM POMS! So very cute!

  4. I think of you daily! Yes, the media has a way of elevating things, but keep yourself safe and the four-legged ones also.

    Love the pom-pom tags! To the present date I've made......zero!

  5. Love your pom pom cards, they are the happiest thing I have seen all day :)

    (you are becoming the pom pom queen!)


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