05 April 2013

Death by...Doxie?

Okay, so this is clearly not a dachshund. But it is a ridiculously cute Korean chipmunk. Seriously - look at how ridiculously cute he is! And in honour of his cuteness he is getting his own death by doxie chipmunk post, okay? 

My friend and I spent three days in Seoraksan last week and we spied loads of these adorable stripey little guys. Most of them were moving too fast to be captured on camera, but on our last day and the end of our last walk we met this cutie. Depending on how legal/lethal it is to feed wildlife in a national park, we may (or may not) have lured him closer with a nut. I know, I know, hanging head in shame... 

ps. If you are desperate for a dose of doxie click on over here. You will find a capybara looking after a whole litter of dachshund pups. Which is possibly the greatest thing ever. (With many thanks to Ngaire for alerting me to this piece of awesome.)


  1. He is amazing! So freakin' cute! I've got such a love for squirrels. I love his stripes, gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh, SOOOOOOOO cute! Are they native to Korea?

    1. I believe so Cat! It's known as the 'Siberian chipmunk' and is found across Asia apparently (thanks Wikipedia!)

  3. Ooooh! Such a cute little chipmunk!!

  4. i have one of these at home,some pet store was closing and was going to put down this sweet creature,so i brought him home <3


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