12 March 2013

Hold onto your hats people - it's a second instalment of a series within a few weeks of the first instalment! Woah! 2013 is totally the year of me doing proper bloggy type things! Go me! 

Anyway, shall we talk about how awesome Margaret Atwood is? Yes, we shall. She is awesome. My mum got me reading her when I was an impressionable youth. I think Cat's Eye was the first Margaret Atwood book I read, when I was about 16 or so. I don't remember much about the book, but I do remember falling in love with the language, the beautiful writing, the ideas. After that I worked my way through her back catalogue, and I've read most things she's written since. 

This is a quote I've had squirrelled away for awhile now. From a time long before this blog, but when I half considered myself a writer of sorts (I've got folders full of half written, very cringe worthy short stories). It's from The Blind Assassin and I think it perfectly captures the process of writing honestly. 'Impossible, of course.' 

The font is Bombshell, designed by Emily Conners - a new favourite for me. It's not a free one (I will feature some free fonts soon, promise) but it's worth every gorgeous cent!


  1. That is a gorgeous font ~ beautiful script! Love the quote, too. Insightful!

  2. Great quote. I have to admit to have never read any of Margaret Atwood's work. I should!


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