23 March 2013

Six Things I Am Over

Although I am generally a glass half full kind of girl, right now there's a bunch of stuff that quite frankly I could do without. And what's the point of having a blog if you can't have a bit of a whinge every now and again, right? So, in no particular order, here are some things that I am over: 

1. Winter. It's still getting below zero most nights, and the wind is horribly biting most days, and some parts of Korea had snow the other day. Hey Winter - March is nearly gone, time to move on out and let a bit more of Spring in. Please

2. How much I weigh. Not in a 'every time I look in the mirror I think about how fat I am and I hate myself and *sob* turn that Christina Aguilera song up please' way. I actually think I'm rather toned at the moment. Seriously, check out my... Sorry. Got carried away there. So toned yes, but I am carrying an extra kilo or three. I'm dealing with it all in a terribly sensible way - exercising more, eating less. Yawn. I've ramped up my gym sessions and most days I'm under my calorie goal (myfitnesspal keeps telling me 'if every day were like today you'd weigh X in 5 weeks'; I'm beginning to think it's all a dirty lie). But! Nothing is budging. And don't tell me that glass of wine at the end of the day has to go. I'd rather keep the kilos thank you. 

3. Waiting. It's been a week when I've felt like I'm waiting to start things, waiting to finish things; waiting for emails, waiting for some 'free time'. Just waiting. I know that these kinds of free-floating, treading water kind of periods are normally followed by a burst of creativity and productivity, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. 

4. The lack of lamb and pita bread in Korea. No really - I am completely over it. I've perfected the hummus from greatest-cookbook-of-the-moment Jerusalem and we dream of having a simple, mid-east inspired meal. Maybe with some spiced lamb cutlets or marinated lamb kebabs, and some delicious soft chewy pita. We even tried to make some pita bread last weekend. It was kind of fun but, let's be honest, a complete and utter failure. 

5. Not knowing stuff. I may have mentioned before that I'm a little bit of a control freak. I like to plan. And at the moment there is so much stuff that's up in the air, fluid, changing, maybe/maybe not. It's driving me a little insane. 

6. The state of Australian politics. Yes, when you're so far away it makes for a good laugh, a good dinner table conversation (Did you hear...? What? Really? No way! God they're a mess aren't they? etc). But we're moving back soon, so Australian politics (I'm looking at you Labour) sort yourself out, okay? Otherwise we will almost definitely be living with Tony Abbott as our Prime Minister. And that's an idea I'm completely over. 

Anything that's got your goat at the moment? Tell me what you're over right now, it's cathartic I promise!


ps. I've woken up to a glorious blue sky day and the promise of double digit temps; the husband and I have a commitment free weekend ahead of us and a stack of DVDs to watch; North Korea hasn't turned Seoul in to a sea of fire (yet); and we are healthy (relatively), wealthy (-ish) and wise (ha!). So - life is pretty damn good really!


  1. Sometimes a whinge is just what you need! I'd be gutted to give up the pita bread too, you're definitely not alone!

    1. It's such a deceptively simple food! Oh, but when it's the perfect balance of soft and chewy, dunked in lashings of creamy hummus...so good!

  2. it's still snowing here too (boo!) and I totally agree with number 6. :/

    1. Yep, it sucks. And hope you get a little bit of Spring before you head back home! :)

  3. I've so been over exercise lately too. Especially when, like yourself I can't seem to budge thow few kilos I really want to lose.

    As for number six… I get so angry when I think about how Labor is effectively going to make Tony Abbot the next prime minsiter through its own uselessness. So angry!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who is suffering exercise fatigue! I've decided I'm going to give myself a week off from the normal exercise routine, maybe try something different like take a day to go bike riding along the Han or do a yoga class via DVD...hoping that'll get me motivated again.

      And yes...GRRRRRRRRRR on the last one!

  4. Yep, also wish I could shift some kilos. Now if only I could figure out how to strap my iPad to the handles on the exercise bike (which has only ever functioned as a coat rack) then I'd be straight onto that damn thing, trawling Pinterest. Yep, completely over Australian politics too – Tony being elected is a truly frightening thought.
    Seems little, but the thing I'm mostly over is being woken at 5am by our new kitten. He's lucky he's cute.
    PS. You may not have lamb pitas but you DO have those amazing-looking fried rice cakes!

  5. Australian Politics are a joke! An utter joke.

    Don't waste your energy on your weight - you are gorgeous inside and out, just the way you are. (I know living in Asia makes you feel HUGE - it does me too. But we are who we are)


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