21 December 2012

Death by Doxie : Happy Holidays!

Only four more sleeps people! Hurrah! You won't find any bah humbug around here - I'm one of those annoying people that really quite adore the festive season. I love figuring out the perfect gift for everyone on my list (it's the most fun problem to solve!), I love the lights and the decorating and the kitsch, I love the gathering around and feasting and connecting.

I guess some of it comes from being part of a relatively small family with a sensible approach to the whole thing (a common phrase in the years before I moved overseas was 'let's make this easy on everyone'). And a lot of it comes from being ridiculously lucky with all that we have - a comfortable cosy house, plentiful food, a healthy and happy family, snow!... And also I'm the kind of person who does tend to get a bit swept up in things, who gets overly excited about the little, good things. So, if you're looking for bah humbug, move elsewhere. 

The dogs are equally enamoured with xmas. They can barely contain their excitement. Ferdi is so excited he might just go ahead and have a little lie down...

I hope you are finding a little something good in this festive season too, and having a not-too-crazy lead in to the whole shebang. From the hounds and I, warm holiday wishes to you all!

ps. With many thanks to photographers assistant Sam, who willingly put aside his laptop so I could take over his desk, and who entertained the hounds and valiantly tried to get them to look at the camera...


  1. This is the cutest ever. Love their little outfits, just too adorable. Your Christmas enthusiasm is totally contagious. I need a pet to dress, pronto! x

    1. The pet dressing is possibly the most fun bit! I'm pretty sure the pets think so too...

  2. Those doxies are wearing christmas clothes omg omg! so cute!

  3. Oh, this is too much cuteness! So adorable in their little Xmas sweaters and antlers!
    Merriest of Merry Xmas to you Emily and here's to a wonderful 2013!

  4. Merry Christmas from Tasmania, Emily! Just love love love your dachshunds, they are absolutely gorgeous! I could look at photos of them all day. Do you think you could make a New Year's Resolution to post more Death by Doxie? ;)
    best wishes for the coming New Year

  5. OMG this is the cutest! Just loving all the pics of your dogs. Dachshunds are my fave x

    PS. Thanks for commenting on Hair Romance x


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