23 December 2012

All wrapped up...

My gift wrap this year was inspired by this post on 100 Layer Cake (found via Pinterest, of course!), which was in turn inspired by some sparkly Miu Miu booties. Unfortunately my initial attempts (see below) didn't fill me with happiness, they seemed a bit bland. I struggled to find good, thick velvet ribbon and my silver paper lacked a bit of sparkle. 

So I've been mixing things up a bit and have come up with some fun combinations (the one up the top, with the silver peaking through the blue perforated paper, is my favourite). I do love the original idea, but if I attempted this again I'd spend more time sourcing the right paper and right ribbon because in the end they are what gives the look its punch.

Did you theme your wrapping this year? I'd love to see it if so!

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  1. Emily I love your wrapping!! I love using my staple of brown paper,washi tape and doilies, gotta love a paper doily.


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