12 June 2012

Mail Art from Jessica Gowling

Jessica was super quick in replying to my last package to her, however I have not been super quick in blogging about her lovely package (or in putting together a reply for that matter!). The envelope included a typed note, postcards, stickers and some sand and a seashell from a recent holiday. Unfortunately the shell didn't survive the trip, but everything else did! I am especially fond of the deer postcard and the blue patterned circle (which is actually a round playing card, very cool!). 
ps. If you haven't checked out Jessica's Etsy shop 'Nature's My Friend' lately go have a look. She's been on a major makeover mission and has come up with something pretty special. Wonderful photos that complement her products and make a clear statement about her 'brand' - an inspiration to any of us selling online, I think!


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