15 June 2012

Death by Doxie : Hallway Hounds

So, this is what happens when you lure two dark dogs into a brightly lit hallway with some doggie treats, point your 50mm fixed lens (set on the lowest f stop, 1.8) at them and fire away! Ferdi and Elfi looked so cute waiting for their treats that I had to grab my camera (and torture them just a little longer) - the way they stood out against the bright white glow of the hallway was a rather pleasant surprise. 

These shots are barely post-edited, apart from a little cropping and removal of dandruff - it's just the magic of light and the way the camera interprets that light. Who would have thought that our boring, bland hallway would result in some of my favourite photos of the dogs so far (though pity that last one isn't quite in focus)? 

Photography is such a lovely blend of science and art; planning and happenstance; attempted control and wonderful moments of serendipity, like this one. As much as I've learnt, and as much as I still need to learn about it (I've barely scratched the surface really), sometimes the best shots just seem to kind of 'happen'.

Do you love those moments when things come together in a click? Those times when unexpected results turn out to be better than anything you could have planned?


  1. Beautiful and adorable photos Emily! I love your use of dark and light.

    I've been guilty of toturing my Ralphie with treats just for a photo too. *evil grin*

  2. Oh Ferdi! He still has crazy fur in this photo! Hurrah!

  3. Cute photos! People ask me how I can get all three of mine in a row and pose. Cheerios! A small bite size snack that is healthy for them. Ten of those is better than ten milkbones.

    And I can totally agree with "those moments"~


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