12 March 2012

Good Things...

I've been wanting to do a good things post for so very long, months and months, but they do take quite a big, focussed chunk of time to put together and it just hasn't happened.  But seeing as there are just so many really good things out there, I'm committed to bring you more good things in 2012.  Huzzah!

So, let's kick things off with one of those sad but sweet tales...

Meet Morran.  Morran is Camilla Engman's dog, or I should say was Camilla Engman's dog.  Morran featured heavily on Camilla's blog (in fact, documenting Morran's daily adventures was actually what kicked off her blogging life), and entertained readers for many years - he was just so cute yes?

Sadly, Morran passed away late last year, but he lives on in a gorgeous collaborative book which features Morran inspired submissions from illustrators and artists from all over the globe.  You can have a peek at some of the submissions here, and purchase your copy of this wonderful tribute here.  I just ordered my copy - hurry up Mr (or Mrs) Postman!

Then we have the mid century mod stylings from one of my absolute favourite blogs, The Brick House. Not only does Morgan posses phenomenal taste in all things home-y but she is also hi-larious.  How often do you find laugh out loud funny and delicious decor in the one spot?  Not very often.  Go visit, now.  Oh, and there's the odd bit of doggy cuteness thrown in for good measure too.  Good, yes?

Next up is Persona, a photography project from multi-talented guy Jason Travis.  It's a series of diptychs that answers the question 'what's in your bag'.  I believe there is a book coming out soon (yep, it's on the wish list). You can see the whole set (including some animal versions!) here.

And then there's this incredibly awesome book that my incredibly awesome sister gifted me for my birthday.  Holy wow I can not express how truly incredibly awesome it is.  

The book captures the goings on at Butlin's Holiday Camps.  The camps were founded on the desire to provide family fun at a price the English masses could afford, and the photos produced by John Hinde as postcards capture these holiday makers in all their wonderfully colourful, slightly absurd, retro glory. There is so much glorious detail in each image - activities, outfits and decor.  So great.

And lastly, from the BBC comes season two of Sherlock, hooray!  We've only watched the first episode but so far it's easily matching the look and wit of the first.  More please.


  1. This is a neat post! I love knowing what fellow bloggers are discovering on the internet. I really want to do an "inspirations" post but I have so many every single day I wouldn't know where to start. This is great though, sweet, simple, and to the point.

    1. Thank you! And I completely understand your delimma - there's just do much inspiring stuff out there! I keep a notebook with a running list of good stuff and pick a varied mix of five for each of these posts. Break it down into small chunks and go for it I say!

  2. Great collection of awesomely GOOD things Emily!
    How great is Sherlock?! As much as I love Robert DJ I have to admit that I 100% prefer the BBC series over the movies. But then… the British always do British best. :)

    1. So true! I adore RDJ too but I couldn't make it through the US Sherlock movie - too much crash! bang! and not enough clever for me. Setting a classic in the current day is fraught with danger, but I think the Beeb did a great job.

      And ps. I reckon you'd love the Butlin's book - lots of retro fashion to drool/laugh over (though maybe not quite vintage enough for your tastes?)

  3. So many good things, Emily! I got accustomed to fashion and doxies with you, and now there are even things to read and watch. The BBC Sherlock does look good and the Persona project looks intimate and interesting. I'm curious (nosy?) about what others have but wouldn't necessarily want to dump my bag out! :)

    Over on my blog, I've passed on a "Liebster Award" to you, because all the good style, charm and lovely pics make reading your blog such a pleasure. Cheers & thanks for all the great posts! xo

    1. Hello lovely! I left a comment on your post but wanted to say 'thank you' again! It's so sweet and wonderful :)

  4. Lots and lots of good things ... hurrah! :)

    What a dear sweet doggie Morran looks to have been, and how wonderful that book is. I love the 'in your bag' photos, though I dread to think how scary my own bag contents would be.

    Those John Hinde photos look amazing ... but I have to admit that I've never watched the Sherlock series. I'm staying staunchly loyal to RDJ! ;)


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