08 March 2012

February Photo (almost) A Day Challenge

I adore Instagram - it's like Twitter with pictures!  It's a pretty great way to fill life's boring moments, take a little peak into peoples lives and be amazed at what beauty can be captured on a camera phone.  Plus it reminds me to take more photos, to look at the world with that eye (you know the one - the one that sees a messy desk as a pretty collection of colours rather than a task that needs to be tackled). 

I also love a good meme, so last month I jumped on board with Fat Mum Slim's insanely popular photo a day challenge.  Due to a wifi-less few days in Melbourne I missed a couple of days at the end, so it wasn't quite a photo a day but it was close.  I really enjoyed having a prompt each day, even the ones that I thought were less than inspiring (like 'front door') because these forced me to try to think of different ways to interpret the theme (like using the front door of a lego house).  

The challenge was a great motivator to take more photos and to get a bit more creative with my Instagram shots - I ended up with some iPhone pics that I really love (like the one above).  I see there's a March photo a day challenge going on right now which I've missed, but I'm hoping for an April one too!

Oh, and if you're on Instagram you can find me on there as 'ejorpin'!


  1. Your flower pic is gorgeous!

    I really LOVE instagram because it makes it so easy for me take and share photos but I also hate it because it more often than not, means I leave my (heavier than my iPhone) camera at home. Although I've developed a habit where I take the photo with the iPhone camera first and then upload it to instragram… so I at least have the original later on if if I want it unfiltered. :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful ... I particularly love that top one too. I'm only just getting on board with instagram - I resisted for ages because I was reluctant to get involved with another online community / addiction. But I'm really liking it, and it also reminds me to take more photos too. :)


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