20 November 2011

An ode to the humble sandwich

Sandwiches are the unsung heros of our kitchens.  Too often they are underrated, easily dismissed, overlooked for things that we think are less 'every day', more complicated.  But I think a sandwich is a wondrous thing.  Yes, it's a complete and easy meal, but more than that a sandwich can be something of exquisite tastiness; a delicious harmonious blend of flavours, at once comforting and exciting.

We recently procured a meat slicer.  It's like the ones you see at the butchers or in a deli, but made smaller and less lethal for the home kitchen.  As a result we have been roasting many of God's creatures (pig, turkey, cow), thinly slicing the meat and mixing it up in all kinds of sandwich.  Our most ambitious to date has been our take on the hoagie (a 'seriously oversized sandwich' according to The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches).  Ours had ham, turkey, a soft and mild cheese, mustard, mayo, crunchy iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced red onion, capsicum, spanish olives and dill pickle on a chewy baguette.  Yum.

ps. If you're in any way interested in the humble sanger I'd highly recommend The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches.  It covers all the classics - croque monsieur, club, roast beef - but also includes such intriguing concoctions as the Elvis (mashed banana, bacon, peanut butter), the 'spamwich', the 'fluffernutter', the all-in-one breakfast sandwich (bacon and eggs wedged bewteen two waffles), and the doughnut sandwich ('not for the faint of heart', apparently).

ps (again). Do you love a sarnie?  What's your favorite thing to throw between two slices of bread?  I'd love to know!


  1. Vietnamese chicken rolls - "pate" (some sort of meat 'paste' anyway), chicken, carrot, cucumber, onion, coriander, chili, sauce. N. Lee Bakery on Smith Street does the best ones.

  2. I do love a good sarnie! I often have some avocado, lettuce, cheese and mayo on one but I think my favourite would have to be a toasted cheese jaffle. Nothing beats toasted cheese! :)

  3. Helen - that sounds so tasty! I'll be making one of those (but with real chicken!) for sure...

    Teresa - so true, you can't beat a well made toasted cheese sandwich!

    artbycarolann - thank you! I'm in the middle of a 'get to know your DSLR' course so I've been tweaking my photos a bit, so nice to hear you like them!


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