07 November 2011

Mail Art from Saylor Made (+ one minor panic attack)

Holy cow my mail box has been happy of late.  First there was the stack of handmade greeting cards, then two dresses that I can see myself living in all winter from lyptis, then a package from my Mum which included two bags of twisties, a great book and a cute doxie card.  And now a mail art reply from Saylor Made!  Hurrah!

My favourite part?  That would have to be the handmade envelope featuring two skunks 'hugging' (wonder what Mr Postman thought of that?).  Followed closely by the three mini envelopes, each with little treasures in side.  Consider the envelope-within-an-envelope idea 'borrowed', Ms Made!

On a completely unrelated topic, I'm writing this from the sterile confines of Incheon Airport, where I'm being tortured with muzak versions of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' while waiting for my flight to Hong Kong.  

I'm about to embark on a somewhat crazy trip, which goes a little something like this: Seoul, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Jenolan Caves (near the Blue Mountains), Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul.  And in all that madness I'm going to be seeing the Nick Cave tibute concert; avoiding being gored by a rhino; celebrating my Dad's birthday; having an early xmas dinner where my family will meet some of my husband's family for the very first time ever (including, quite possibly, the husband's ex-wife); hosting a weekend away with us, our friends, my Mum, my Step-dad, my sister and nephews...all in 10 short days.  

Excuse me while I go and breath heavily in to a paper bag.


  1. Wow that is quite a trip for 10 days! Enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for the post! I am very happy to hear you enjoyed my amourous skunks & mini envelopes. It was a fun package to put together. Good luck on your travels. I can't wait to hear all about it.

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