31 August 2015

Jorpins 365 : July Favourites

So you may have noticed that after a pretty consistent first six months, things have come crashing to a halt lately. I have good, and exciting, and exhausting, reasons for that which will be explained if I ever find the time to write a longer blog post (which I will, hopefully, next week, maybe). I'm still posting pretty much everyday over at Instagram though, so feel free to follow me over there if you're missing your monthly dose of dachshunds and/or my random ramblings! 

Anyway, remember July? It seems an age ago, doesn't it? There was a mad dash to the complete-lack-of-snow, and another mad dash to Cowra (Hi Shani!). There was a rather laid back wedding anniversary, and a heart breaking, but beautiful, funeral. There were many late night talks, and stress and worry. And sunshine and crisp air and snuggly sleep-ins with the dogs. And thinking that this year has hit me with about all I can deal with...and then - maybe it hasn't, maybe there's light; maybe things are going to be a-okay, things are going to be awesome, after all. 

What a month it was.

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  1. life can be so stressful huh.
    You are doing the very best you can & I love the little bit of lovely light that you put out into the world.
    lots of love to you.


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