28 July 2015

Neighbourhood Eats : Cheekyburger

If you go to Cheekyburger, go hungry. Cheekyburger is all about calories - delicious, American-inspired calories - so you don't want to go there after a big breakfast or a long, late lunch. You want to go there hungry, so you can eat all the things. Starting with a Cheekyburger - super soft, slightly sweet bun; gooey, melty cheese; juicy, still pink meat, relish and pickles. If they're on their game quality wise it is heavenly, especially if you're a pickle lover like me. 

Speaking of pickles, and calories, their deep-fried pickles are pretty freaking amazing too. But make sure you've got someone to share them with as more than two will leave you feeling rather greased up. Other family favourites include chilli cheese fries, a straight up mac and cheese, crazy tangy spicy-sour buffalo wings, and guacamole (just so we feel like we're having a balanced meal). 

I can also highly recommend their cocktails, by the jug. The long island ice tea is especially delicious/lethal/excellent value for money, although in our effort to live a slightly more healthier lifestyle (note the slightly) we don't indulge in those any more. These days we opt for a beer, or cider, or one of the definitely drinkable wines by the glass. Or - if we can fit one in - one of their dense, creamy, flavour filled shakes (the husband likes old school chocolate, the step-sons prefer Oreo or salted caramel). 

Cheekyburger is very much a cheap, cheerful, delicious local for us; the perfect everyone-has-had-a-crazy-busy-day-and-no-one-can-be-arsed-cooking midweek saviour. Consistency can sometimes be an issue (we've had the odd cold bun or overcooked burger patty), and they need to get the guacamole out of the fridge and up to room temperature, and invest in some quality corn chips, but despite all that it's a firm favourite that we return to often. Very often.

Cheekyburger - super tasty, good value burgers and shakes, served with a smile and a side of nostalgia thanks to the 80s and 90s hip hop soundtrack. You really can't go wrong. 

Bookings? Yes, but walks ups are fine. And if you don't book and there's wait for a table you're normally not waiting for too long. 
Kid friendly? Definitely, depending on your tolerance for slightly sweary rap music. 
Dog friendly? Not really. There is a courtyard out the back but it's pretty tight. You might be able to sneak in a tea cup poodle but a great dane would cause some problems. 
Good for groups? Absolutely. Book one of the big long tables out the back, order a bunch of sides, a burger each, a cocktail jug or two, and enjoy!

+61 2 9331 7436

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