14 May 2015

Three Etsy Things : Clutches

I don't usually travel with a handbag - I prefer to take a backpack so I can carry my laptop, camera, chargers, hard drives and other fun stuff in there. But a backpack doesn't really cut it for a night on the town, so I always throw a clutch in my suitcase.

Something not too big and not too small; something that sits flat so it doesn't take up too much valuable suitcase real estate. It needs to double as storage for bracelets and the like, and it needs to work with any outfit.

Here's three on Etsy that I reckon tick all those boxes and more.

3. Tonala media clutch in black marble | Scout & Catalogue

ps. If you're looking for some more clutch, tote, zip pouch inspiration I've got just the collection of favourites for you here!

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