24 April 2015

Three Etsy Things : Soup Bowls

As much as I love the long sunny days of summer (and living in the sparkling harbour city of Sydney how could I not?), I do get a bit excited when the nights cool and the light softens. I adore autumn. Partly because of the gorgeously coloured leaves and that misty, filtered sunshine. And partly because it means a chance to wear boots and scarves and jackets, long socks and big wooly knits. And partly because cooking in the cooler months is so much fun! Throw everything in a big pot, simmer for a few hours, serve with comforting carb of your choice - yum! 

Summer did take a long time to say goodbye this year, but autumn has now arrived with a bang (see #sydneystorm...). We've wholeheartedly embraced the cold and rainy turn with two stews and a mince pie under our culinary belts already. 

Next on the kitchen hit list? Soup! I'm thinking a creamy leek and potato, and then something a little mistrone-ish, with loads of veg. Maybe later I'll tackle the mother-in-law's two day oxtail soup recipe. And what better way to celebrate soup season than with these gorgeous bowls? 

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  1. And what a cheery way to eat soup, just looking at the bowls makes me feel warm


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