24 March 2015

Three Etsy Things : Baskets

There's a lot of Etsy angst going around right now (see here, for example). People are talking about how this once idyllic haven for artists and crafters seems to have become a mega site full of cheap mass produced crap. They're talking about whether it's still 'the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace'. Sadly, much of this angst is well-founded. Etsy has changed, and sometimes it does feel like it's more mass made than hand made.

But Etsy is still my number one go to place for ace things of awesome, because amongst all the resellers and faux crafters and copycatters there are a heap of really great artists and crafters selling really great things. 

So I'm reviving Three Etsy Things, to help celebrate all those sellers who keep the original Etsy dream alive (with a little vintage on the side too because...well, vintage!). 

In this edition - baskets. Colourful, cute and just waiting to help your organise all your bits and bobs. I'm lucky enough to have one of Raspberry Rainbow's rope sewn bowls and I love it!

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