16 January 2015

Death by Doxie : A Ferdi Pillow

When the world keeps throwing up inconceivably horrible things that you struggle to make sense of, sometimes the best thing to do is just sit and watch your dogs sleeping. Seriously - is this not heartbreakingly cute? One dog is good, two dogs who are best of friends is better. 

Thank you Ferdi and Elfi, for being as adorable as you are. Sometimes, you keep me sane.

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  1. Got out of bed the wrong side this morning and spent 3 hours this afternoon weeding and doing the edges on my hand and knees with a dachshund puppy wriggling, licking and looking at me adoringly. Talk about a mood improver!
    I'm getting to the point where I have stopped reading the news as frequently because I am sick of all the bad crap going on.


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