29 October 2014

IGEC : Flora

Who can resist a luscious, colour filled flower shot? Not me. Especially when it's taken by one of these three Instagram favourites. 

First up, the breathtaking work of @thechoirgirlhotel. The ever mysterious Birdie only posts once a month but when you catch her in full flight...well, it's wonderful. And whilst the individual shots below are gorgeous in themselves, you really need to look at this Instagram feed on your phone - in the three shot across format - to truly come to grips with her genius.
I have no idea who she is or where she lives (I've googled and everything) but none of that matters because my goodness @svenjalinda knows her way around a bunch of flowers and a square frame. Simple, gorgeous, perfect.
Phil, aka @afloralfrenzy, does incredible things with flowers. Really incredible (just ask The School). An ex-doctor turned florist, he makes the humblest of blooms look stunning.

Instagram is chockfull of the some of the most inspiring, creative, hilarious, clever people I've ever had the pleasure of encountering on the internets. IGEC is my chance to share some of those inspiring, creative, hilarious, clever people with you! Oh and you can find me on Instagram here. 

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