13 August 2014


By now we should have landed safely in Rome, picked up our car and started heading south for Matera, Fasano and Lecce. We will be well on our way on what may be called a trip of a lifetime. 

My husband has finally taken some well deserved long service leave, and we are spending five weeks or so driving through the south-east of Italy and the south of France, with a cruise to Spain, Portugal and Morocco and a stopover in Hong Kong on the way home thrown in for good measure. I am so freaking excited I'm finding it hard to sit still. 

Whilst I'm hoping to be a bit better at blogging on the go this trip, I have a feeling things may be a little quiet around these parts (when faced with cocktail hour or sitting in a hotel room blogging I too often choose cocktail hour...). But, I will be bringing the final My Family Lens Olympus challenge post to you all the way from Italy, so stay tuned!

ps. If you're keen to live vicariously through my Instagram account (I live vicariously through Instagram all the time...) you can follow along with the #jorpinseuropeanvacation x

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