09 July 2014

IGEC : Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a ridiculously photogenic city. Yes, there's the neon and that iconic skyline and those incredible views. But there's also the clash of old and new, and the rush of such a densely populated place - it's a street photographers dream, really. And then there's the surprisingly beautiful spots far from the skyscrapers; lakes and waterfalls and mountains, and such lush green. 

There seems to be a thriving Instagram community in Hong Kong (and yes, I live vicariously through them all). Here's three of my favourites. 

First up - @jesso, a Londoner living in Hong Kong who has a real eye for colour and composition.
Next - @lielaine, who knows how to work a square. Elaine also seems to enjoy celebrating Hong Kong's skyline by scouting out rather high and rather frightening locations. If you suffer from vertigo you may not enjoy this feed quite so much (and you should definitely stay well away from the #chasing_rooftops tag...).
And last but most definitely not least - @swyh_44 (aka Charlie Chan). My favourite thing about Charlie's IG feed? Everything is shot on film. No filters needed here.
I'd also like to thank the HK IGers for leading me to one of my favourite tags - #residensity

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