07 February 2014

Death by Doxie : Hounds On a Rug

With the renovations dragging on a bit, the dogs are now back in boarding (they're staying here, it is a bit pricey but worth every happy hound penny!). Sob. But we have just had a wonderful month and a bit with them. We took them to Diamond Beach, and then had three lovely weeks in a really beautiful part of Sydney.

After so long apart it was so great to hang out with them every day, and it was a relief to realise they are the same happy, healthy handsome hounds they've always been. It's a bit sad to have to say goodbye again, but it'll only be a few weeks until we're reunited…(and I've got loads of doggy photos to share with you in the meantime)!


  1. OMG the last one!
    so cute.
    Look like a Womble. I LOVED the Wombles.

    1. Yes!!! A Womble! Might be his new nickname ;)

  2. Aw! Cuteness!
    I hope you're reunited soon.


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