27 September 2013

Death by Doxie : We Miss Our Hounds

The evening before the dogs flew to Australia was a gorgeous one. The heat had finally gone out of the Seoul Summer, so it was warm but not unbearable, with just a hint of a breeze. Ferdi, Elfi and I spent a good hour or so sitting on the balcony, watching the sunset and sniffing the air. And I took a lot of photos. 

Now the dogs are in quarantine, apparently doing well. We miss them a lot. I miss them most when the husband is away (like he has been most of this month). I still kind of think I'm going to see their happy faces whenever I open the door to our serviced apartment. I still unconsciously save food scraps for them. I miss the comfort they give me, when I'm lying in bed alone. Those of you that have a dog in your family know what I'm talking about - there's a constant companionship you get from them, a warmth. And many times a day I'm noticing that absence.

On Saturday I have to pick the dogs up from quarantine, which is exciting. But then I have to drive for an hour or so to drop them at the boarding kennel where they're going to spend the next six weeks. Which will break my heart a little. I am not looking forward to it! But I am looking forward to sharing more of the balcony photo shoot with you (there are some especially cute ones of Ferdi still to come!). And I know the next few weeks will fly by, and mid-November will be here before we know it...


  1. Oh, extra big cuddles for you, Elfi and Ferdi!!

  2. Oh my heart is breaking just a little bit for you and the dogs, it's so hard that you have to do it by yourself. Love and good vibes to all of you!

  3. Great photos! I'm not sure how I would be without my three for this amount of time. However I would probably channel the energy into projects around the house to help pass the time. Looking forward to seeing the other photos. Precious pups they are!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Love hearing from you because I know you understand (I'm sure I have some non-dog blog readers who must think I'm nuts!)

  4. Oh as a fellow human owned by her dogs, I know it would be so very difficult for me to be without mine for as long as you are having to do. But, you're right mid-November will be here before we know it and it's good to know that they have each other until you are reunited.


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