24 June 2013


I read about the deer in Seoul Forest way back when, before we actually moved to Seoul, and it's been on my have-to-go-visit-one-day list ever since. Last week  - thanks to a friend and her appropriately aged (and crazy cute!) child - I finally got to go. 

The park itself is beautiful, lots of pathways and tiny bridges; small streams and ponds; playgrounds, picnic areas and sports fields. And in the 'Ecological Forest' there are loads of deer and they are as gorgeous as you'd expect (just look at those eyelashes!). There's even a vending machine where you can buy a cup of deer food for a dollar or so (better than feeding them a cheese puff which I saw one kid doing...). 

If you procure the food you'll find the deer are quite keen to come say 'hi', and slobber all over your hand too (thank goodness for wet wipes). As an extra bonus we happened to be there just after the birth of two little deer - we could see them trying to take their first wobbly steps, nudging mum for a drink (and, in one case, we could see the mum eating the placenta - ahhhhh, the majesty of nature...). One of the deer mums looked a bit freaked out, she didn't like us being near her baby, so we let her be. But the other mum was quite relaxed, so I managed to take a few baby deer photos.

I'm glad I made it to see the deer, but I feel like there's so much of the park left to explore. I'll be heading back, there'll be more deer before I leave Seoul...


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