29 May 2013


Right now I'm in Melbourne, soaking up the Autumn sunshine and enjoying the food/friend/family merry-go-round that is a visit home. On my way here last Friday I had short transit in hot and humid Hong Kong. Hong Kong is such a great city to transit in - baggage handling, immigration and transport is all so efficient that even with only a few hours you can squeeze in some fun stuff. 

I had seven hours between flights, so I trekked into Central and had a pedicure (as you do). And then set about hunting down the giant rubber duck. Most of you will have seen this big yellow guy about the internets, he's by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and he's travelled about the world a bit.* 

I am a little obsessed with over-sized things, so I was pretty determined to see Mr Duck. And apparently I wasn't alone - if you're lucky enough to see the duck for yourself be prepared for a chaotic mess of people trying to have their photos taken with him. It was so busy and crowded. And hot. And sweaty. But, worth it. He's the happiest piece of art I've ever seen floating on a harbour!

If you're willing to brave the crowds the duck is just outside Harbour City in Kowloon. I think he's there for another week or so.

*Apparently the duck was in Sydney Harbour at one point and I knew nothing about it. Which made me think someone should event an app where you input your interests (say 'big things' or 'outdoor sculpture shows' or 'Japanese bluegrass music'), and the cities you frequent (Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong would be mine right now), and then you get sent alerts for events that might interest you. That would be ace, yes? 


ps. Thank you for all the really lovely responses to my last post! It's always reassuring to hear I'm not alone in feeling such a mix of emotions... The good news is this visit home has got me super excited about the move again - hurrah! 

Oh and also - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYKE! xox


  1. Ah, your post on repatriation definitely struck a chord for me. When are you moving away from Korea? P.S. I'm a huge fan of Hong Kong transit, too! I always spend hours after my transit searching for jobs and apartments in HK, dreaming of ways to be there longer.

  2. Wow Mr Duck gets around! He was over here in Brisbane Australia for an Art Fesitval late last year. I think he was here before Sydney.

  3. Duck better be around for a little longer, I have not seen him properly yet. We went on the first weekend it was here, and it was CRAZY. Made worse by having a stroller with us, and eleventy billion people trying to look at the duck. We did not get very close. I got one photo, can barely see the duck. Then he deflated. So he better be around for a bit longer, I want to see him properly.

    Yay you are excited about moving again! See you later in the week, looking forward to it!

    Cat xox

  4. I am so jealous of you right now!! I want to see a giant rubber duck - it's so super surreal that it's floating out there somewhere, making people happy! (except for those with a fear of giant rubber duckies...)
    I am a big fan of art that makes people smile, that brings a rush of joy and nudges childhood innocence into the forefront for a little while.
    Thanks oodles for sharing these photos! I'm smiling so big!


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