17 October 2012

All wrapped up...

Did you realise it's less than 70 days until that most festive of festive days? Yikes! Are you ready? Or maybe thinking about maybe getting ready at some point in the future? I think I would most definitely fall into that last category...

One of the things I am thinking about is what theme I'll go with for the gift wrap this year (you can see my wrapping from last year here, and from the year before here). So over the next month or so I thought I'd gather together some inspiration  - showing you some of the wrapping I've done for various birthdays throughout the year, and also sharing some of my favourite gift wrapping ideas from around the internets. 

Here's a fun but simple wrap I did for the youngest step-sons birthday - plain kraft paper, spot stickers and a paper punch or four - easy! 


  1. Love this! And I could do with some inspiration this year! I'm really not sure what i'm doing about presents. eep! it's all coming up so soon! Can't wait to see what you share!

  2. 70 days?! Where oh where has the year gone!

    I love your wrapping and am looking forward to seeing more. I can always do with a few tips in this area! :)


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