22 December 2010

All wrapped up...

Even before I got back in to my crafting groove, wrapping presents would always turn me a little bit Martha Stewart, especially at Christmas time.  Each year I plan a theme and wrap all my presents using variations on that theme.  It is a little frightening how much joy I get out of seeing a big pile of co-ordinated presents under the tree (have I mentioned before that I am a little bit of a control freak?).

Last year it was all about stamps, this year it's paper-cut snowflakes and handmade tags.  And white, blue and silver (like this Etsy treasury I put together awhile back).  I was inspired by a few paper garland tutorials I've been eyeing off lately, like this one on Handmade Spark.

ps. one of the members of the fabulous Paper + Stationery Lovers group I help moderate posted a link to these gift wrap ideas - yowsers!  So much inspiration!  Next year I'm thinking I should embrace the step-sons 'more is more' approach - imagine these done in fluorescent brights!  Now that would be fun!

pps. the Paper + Stationery Lovers group is probably my favourite thing on Facebook right now. The members are so talented and friendly and post really great stuff.   So if you like paper goods, come join us!


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