18 June 2014

Inspiration // Application : Indoor Plants

1. Sydney Garden, Jonathan West + Shauna Greyerbiehl | The Design Files 
2. Melbourne Home, Letitia + Michael Green | The Design Files 
3. 1980s Apartment, Scott Bromley + Robin Jacobsen | AQQ Index 
4. Sydney Home, Cassandra Karinsky | The Design Files 
5. Living Room, Bri Emery (Designed by Emily Henderson) | Design Love Fest
6. Living Room Jungle | Apartment Therapy 
And lastly, the seriously amazing office space of Random Studio, designed by X+L and seen on Share Design. If you like indoor jungles it's well worth clicking over to see more.

Since moving in three and a bit months ago I've been a bit obsessed with indoor plants. Partly because we haven't had a garden during that time, just dirt and mud and mess. And partly because I've fallen in love with all those images of jungle like interiors; rooms punctuated with lush green foliage. My sister also has a way with pot plants, and I'm often overcome with plant envy whenever I visit her.


Sofa by Softscape | Cushion by Signature Prints | Round Cushion by Castle | Sydney gold foil print by McKean Studio | Custom dachshunds by Bunny With A Toolbelt | Plant stand by Mr Kitly

As a result, lately I haven't been able to go near a Bunnings or IKEA without coming home with something green and leafy. I am definitely not a gardener, so I just make sure I go for a plant from the 'indoor / hard-to-kill' section, keep it well watered and feed it every now and again. So far there's only been one death - and that was a rather fragile looking maidenhair fern, which came with all kinds of warnings and instructions on the label. I was clearly over confidant the day I put that in my trolly...

If you want some slightly more helpful advice on grooming your own indoor jungle, this post from Amber Interiors is a pretty great start. Rick Ekersley shares some care tips in this post, and - if you're thinking big  - you can find a handy list of the best trees for indoor use on Going Home To Roost.


  1. So much wonderful greenery!

    It almost distracts me from the fact that I'm in the process of killing a maidenhair fern. We don't know what we're doing wrong. I wish there was a plant hospital. I was going to instagram it and ask for help. Maybe I'll google a solution now. Thank you :)

    1. Oh dear, good luck! I just noticed today that one of my other maidenhairs is looking a little sickly...they are tricky buggers...

      Love the idea of a plant hospital! I'd settle for a plant helpline, surely there's some budding entrepreneur out there who could set that up (please!)?

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  3. Cast Iron Plants (aspidistra) are fantastic as indoor plants and almost impossible to kill. Nice glossy leaves too.

    Here's a link for Maidenhair fern care: http://www.burkesbackyard.com.au/factsheets/Indoor-and-Potted-Plant/Maidenhair-Fern/2156


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