21 June 2013

New! Flora Postcards! + Sale! Ends Soon!

Due to my blanket Twitter and Facebook coverage of these things you're probably already aware but just in case there's a few of you that have missed the news - above is the result of something I've been working on for a little while, and something I'm rather pleased with. Flora notecards are now available in my Jorpins Handmade shop on Etsy - only US $5.50 for a set of three (there's eight different sets to chose from). 

And to make room for more stock like this I'm having a one week only massive half price sale on a bunch of stuff! There are so many great bargains to be had (including moleskine notebooks at ridiculous prices!). 

Once the sale ends on Sunday evening, all this sale stock will dissappear from my store forever, never to return! So if you like the look of something grab it now while you still can! 


  1. Your floral postcards are absolutely gorgeous Emily!!

    1. Thank you Teresa! Glad you like them :)


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