26 June 2013

As Seen In Asia : My Other (New!) Blog!

Finally! After dreaming about it for years I've hit publish on my street style blog. It's called asia* and you can find it at asseeninasia.blogspot.com (get it? get it?). 

As you may be aware I'm not an especially fashionable lass but I do love a good frock, a quirky detail, and those people who just look put together. I envy them, actually. This new blog is about capturing a little slice of that as I roam the streets of Asia (and yes, for the purposes of this blog Australia most definitely counts as part of Asia!). 

At the moment they are all sneaky shots, but I'm hoping to do some 'proper' stranger danger photos once I work up the courage to actually stop people in the street (just the thought makes me a bit weak at the knees!). I'll be posting three times a week over there (and hopefully three times a week over here too!). 

I'm really excited about this new project, I hope you're a little bit excited too!


  1. Wow great blog Emily definitely going to have to add to my blog love list.

  2. Genius. Can't wait for more updates!

  3. Awesome! Going to check it out right now..... x

  4. So exciting! You always take such great photos and I can't wait to see all the style snaps you spot and take.


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