03 October 2014

Death by Doxie* : Henry Piglet and Hugo

As amazing as our grand European adventure was, it had a downside - we couldn't take the dogs. And we missed them, of course we missed them. (Have you seen how adorable and handsome they are? How could we not miss them?) 

Luckily, around the mid-point of our trip, we had a pit stop in the south of France which gave us a bit of a dachshund hit. We had four days staying in the village of Seillans, with one of my (many) sisters-in-law, her friends from the UK and their two dogs.

The humans were fabulous and lovely and so much fun. But really...it was all about their two gorgeous dachshunds - Hugo (black) and Henry Piglet (tan). (Fantastic names, yes?). Hounds of taste and distinction, they knew how to holiday. Here they are lounging poolside at the villa...

*It has recently come to my attention that the term 'doxie' is also a slang term for, ahem, a lady of the night. This changes the meaning of the post title, somewhat. But - I love alliteration so I'm sticking with it. Apologies for any offence I may have caused. And apologies to anyone who came to my blog expecting something slightly different...

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  1. So adorable! I can always count on you to fulfill my dachshund quota of cute photos!


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