31 October 2012

Seoul Walking : A Moment in Namsan

In Seoul we're already saying goodbye to Autumn. The between seasons are fleeting here, there's really only a few weeks in the year which you could call 'spring' or 'autumn'. And maybe because of that I appreciate them even more. Autumn is most definitely my favourite season in Seoul - clear, blue, sunshiney skies; crisp nights, warm days; the changing colours of the leaves; the shifts in produce and products (overnight the markets stalls switch from brollies and sun hats to mittens and scarves). 

Namsan is a mountain, a park, right in the heart of Seoul and right on our doorstep. In the middle of this ever changing, ever expanding city it's a calming oasis of clean air and stunning vistas. I've only walked a small part of Namsan, but it's been stunning - dappled light, leaves just starting to turn, the sound of water flowing. 

When I can (which is not often enough) I pack a picnic and head for the hill. If I'm on my own I often get stopped by curious Koreans and some lonely expats too. I love seeing the office workers drinking in the fresh air on their lunch breaks; the groups of 'hikers' thoroughly kitted out, gossiping as they walk; the sight impaired making use of the tactile walkways...

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  1. Great photos Emily, it looks like a wonderful park to take some time out. I particularly love the first photograph.


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