30 January 2012

Holiday Slideshow : Mammoth to Death Valley

I'm back in Seoul and loving sorting out our US holiday photos - it was a seriously great trip, with lots and lots of good things packed in.  So, let the holiday slide show begin!

After our ice skating skiing in Mammoth we picked up our hire car (a giant leather-lined boat of a thing that the hire car guy called a 'pimp-mobile'!) and had a most amazing drive through to Death Valley (during which we were listening to our US road trip playlist, of course!).  

For most of the drive we had the misty Sierra Nevada on one side, and the arid White/Inyo Mountains on the other, with unbelievably vast lengths of straight road stretching out in front of us.  It was some of the most spectacular, wondrous scenery that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing - other worldly and oh so majestic.


  1. Wow - that sounds amazing!! :) And beautiful photographs!!!! Makes me want to take a road trip ;)

  2. Hi Jorpin that looks so dramatic glad you had a great time, the scenery looks spectacular!! :)

  3. These photos are extraordinary! You really have captured something other-worldly. Kellie xx


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